29,035 ft.
Nepal, Asia

The summit of Mt. Everest looms high above the surrounding peaks of Lohtse and Nuptse and straddles Tibet, China and Nepal.



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Why Everest?????
“For twenty years I taught elementary and special education in Steamboat Springs, CO.  My goal as a teacher was to help children believe in themselves and not be afraid to try.  Now it is my turn to learn that lesson.  In attempting a goal as lofty as Everest, I give myself permission to try.  I have to believe in myself, in order to live my dreams.  Sure, I may not always succeed at what I attempt, but there is no failure in that.  The success is in the journey…it is always in the journey.”

“The only problem with adventure is that once you find it, you need it to exist.”

-Brad Baumberger