Daily Updates

July 13, 2011
Our trip began with a single step, as every journey does, even if you’re setting out to climb the highest peak in Africa. We have 31 climbers on the ‘Kilimanjaro Leap of Faith Adventure’ expedition who are making their first trip today.    read more

July 14, 2011
There was music on the mountain today after a night when the face of Mount Kilimanjaro glowed with its glaciers in the moonlight. Our tent city came alive at sunrise with a cacophony of zippers and laughter and packing and excitement about getting on the mountain.    read more

July 15, 2011
Fire and ice, that’s what the team on the ‘Kilimanjaro Leap of Faith Adventure’ encountered today.    read more
July 16, 2011
We have arrived at Camp Four, Karranga Camp, on the side of Mount Kilimanjaro. At sunset last night the clouds parted and revealed the face of Kilimanjaro to us just as we were getting ready for bed. Looking down on us as it has looked down for millions of years.    read more
July 17, 2011
We have arrived at High Camp at 15,600 feet. The air is thin up here and the conditions challenging. Today we stared into the ice blue eyes of the famous Kilimanjaro glaciers, which were covered in mist, but we expect them to appear fully soon. We feel close enough to touch them.    read more
July 18, 2011
We wanted to let you know that we had a fabulous summit day today with beautiful weather. It was clear at the top. But boy, it was A LOT of work!    read more
July 19, 2011
Final Update!
The ‘Kilimanjaro Leap of Faith Adventure’ is now off the mountain. We are down at base camp and have been greeted by singing and dancing.    read more