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Go to to read  about Lori's
 latest Kilimanjaro adventure.


Click here to watch a video of Lori in Nepal during her Mt. Everest expedition.

Wisconsin Woman with MS Climbing Mt. Everest-


Wisconsin woman ready to challenge Everest,
last of Seven Summits quest
Click here to read March 17, 2009 Press Release

Read Overcoming MS to scale Everest from blog


Outside Magazine: MS Didn't Stop Her Everest
February 01, 2010

Click here to read article

LivingFuel: The Lori Story-Fuel Your Body, Live Your Dreams

PRWeb: The First Person With MS Scales Mount Everest
Completing "Seven Summits" quest


Check out the blog featuring an article about Lori Schneider after summiting Mt. Everest.

The Forest Whispers My Name Blog covers Lori's story


An Apple a Day Blog
Onward and Upward: One Woman's Triumph Over MS
Click here to read article



Click here to watch a feature film on Lori Schneider
7 minutes 15 seconds

Lori's story goes GLOBAL!

As part of Lori's speaking tour in Norway, her story was featured in the Norwegian magazine, MS Forbundet.

To read her story Til Everest med MS-To Everest with MS
click here

Lori recorded this video message for the Belgian MS Society, in support of their courageous MS climb in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.
Click here to watch

Lori’s story was featured in the German MS magazine following her European speaking tour.
Click here to read article

The MS Society in Holland featured Lori in their publication. 
Click here to read 2010 feature
Click here to read 2012 feature

Patienten Hoffnung geben (Give Hope To Patience)
Publication: Kurier, Vienna, Austria
Click here to read article

En el Everest enterré el miedo a la enfermedad
Publication: The Spanish newspaper Elcorreo
Click here to read article

MS sufferer conquers Mt. Everest
Publication: The Namibian, Namibia
Click here to read article

Montalcini: Obama right on stem cells
Click here to read article

French Magazine "Le Courrier de la Sclérose en Plaques"

Click here to read

Poland- Positive Impulse Magazine
Click here to read article

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