Mickey Babcock

Country of residence:








Philanthropist (founder/president, the equipoise fund)


What is your relationship with your MS walking partner?



I have just recently been introduced to my walking partner via phone/e-mail (Susie Weber). We will meet in person in Arusha, Tanzania.


How has a diagnosis of MS affected your relationship with your walking partner?



Susie's diagnosis of MS came before I met her.


What are your current views/feelings of your MS walking partnerís life with Multiple Sclerosis?



I am in awe of how Susie seems to manage a full family and business life, and runs half-marathons, despite her MS symptoms.

What has motivated you to take part in the Kilimanjaro climb and to be a walking partner for people with MS?



I was motivated to do this climb by the energy of Lori Schneider, from listening to her empowerment talk.

What is your previous experience of hiking/climbing?


I live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming: home to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. I hike, or am in the mountain terrain every day.

How do you plan to support your MS walker companion during the Kilimanjaro climb?

I hope to support Susie as she needs/wants it.


What hopes/aspirations do you have before and after the Kilimanjaro climb?



My hope for this journey is to be a good partner to Susie, and to experience all of the powerful energy during our days on Mt Kilimanjaro. I believe this experience is the "gateway" to something in my future, and this is preparation for what lies ahead for me.