Neal Schneider

Country of residence:








Funeral Director

What is your relationship with your MS walking partner?


She is my daughter (Lori Schneider)

How has a diagnosis of MS affected your relationship with your walking partner?


It didnít change anything.

What are your current views/feelings of your MS walking partnerís life with Multiple Sclerosis?


She faces it head on and does a wonderful job

handling it.

What has motivated you to take part in the Kilimanjaro climb and to be a walking partner for people with MS?


She asked me to do it again and I felt it was an honor for me to be asked to be her partner.

What is your previous experience of hiking/climbing?



We climbed Kilimanjaro 18 years ago together and followed in 1999 by climbing Aconcagua where Lori summated and I reached 18,600 feet.

How do you plan to support your MS walker companion during the Kilimanjaro climb?


Just by trying to keep up!

What hopes/aspirations do you have before and after the Kilimanjaro climb?


It would be great to reach the summit a second time, if not, I will have given it my best effort.