Patti Klaassen

Country of residence:








Social Worker


What is your relationship with your MS walking partner?



I just met my partner (Brandis Graves) several months ago and feel we have made a great connection.

How has a diagnosis of MS affected your relationship with your walking partner?



Since we recently met, I only know my partner with MS.


What are your current views/feelings of your MS walking partnerís life with Multiple Sclerosis?



I think my partner has a positive outlook.


What has motivated you to take part in the Kilimanjaro climb and to be a walking partner for people with MS?



To climb Kilimanjaro has been a DREAM of mine for several years.  When I heard of Lori and the amazing group she was taking to Kili, I knew I had to go.  It is a perfect fit for me.

What is your previous experience of hiking/climbing?



This will be my first mountain!


How do you plan to support your MS walker companion during the Kilimanjaro climb?



I will support my partner in any way needed.  I do believe that we will be supporting each other.


What hopes/aspirations do you have before and after the Kilimanjaro climb?

I hope that by climbing Kili with this amazing group, people with dreams will have the courage to set out to accomplish them no matter what the circumstances are.