“The children were breathing hard as they struggled through the snow and bitter cold towards the mountaintop.  Altitude and fierce winds made each step a struggle.  They never faltered in their quest towards adventure and they didn't have to leave the comfort of their second grade classroom in the Midwest to do so.  This class had the good fortune to have Lori Schneider as their guest speaker, enthralling them with her stories of mountain climbing in the face of incredible odds.  Ms. Schneider has a gift for engaging the hearts, minds, and spirits of her audience.  She is an educator, adventurer, and a person living with MS.  I felt that the young women in my classroom especially benefited from her message of hope and courage.”

Jeanne Van Hulle - Elementary and Special Education teacher
Master’s Degree in Education
Davenport, Iowa


"I just wanted to send a personal note to again thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your presentation at SC Johnson this evening was most impressive and truly inspirational.
You are a talented speaker and so much more!  Thank you for being such a wonderful role model and a truly inspiring woman to thousands of people."

Sheila Semrou
Healthcare Facility and Senior Living Specialist


"Your talk continues to inspire me.  Your passion and most of all determination to never quit inspires a room full of people to believe in themselves.  Thank you for the message of hope, the witness to peace despite very trying circumstances and the witness of love to your parents.”

Fr. Randy Timmerman
St. John Vianney
Janesville, WI


"Lori….. You are a STAR! Everyone at the event kept coming up to me “blown away” by your talk.  It made the POSITIVE connection to MS that many other MS presentations sometimes lack do to the severe handicapped image projected….yours is more “corporate friendly”.  Thanks again for a superb job."

Robert A. Buhler
President & CEO
Open Pantry Food Marts of Wisconsin, Inc.


"Ms. Schneider's presentation was engaging for the children, with slides providing a wonderful backdrop as her cogent narrative told her story of the ascent.  A devout Parrothead, she elicited a chorus of "Ahh's" from the children when she displayed the first parrot to make it to the top of the highest peak in South America.  As fine teachers do, she ended by clarifying the important lessons that the children can take from her experience.  The adults in the back of the room were likewise captivated; some stayed after with questions; a presentation to adults would likewise be effective.  She can take it:  after all, she conquers mountains." 

Gene Conrad - Program Director for Great Minds
Davenport Schools Foundation


"Thank you for sharing your story and adventures with the Janesville community at Zonta’s 17th annual International Women’s Day luncheon.  How inspirational and humbling it was!  Your ability to help the audience visualize your dream of achieving the Seven Summits is both awesome and unbelievable.

The way you shared your personal struggle and encouragement through photos and your journal, invited us all into your world for one precious hour.  This has been a gift of encouragement beyond my previous experience.

Thanks for reminding us in a very tangible way that life on earth is a journey."

Sally Bean - Past Governor
Zonta International District 6
Advancing the Status of Women Worldwide


"Well, the title was right. What an empowerment-filled program last night! I really enjoyed that and was thrilled to see such a great crowd. It ended up being a night for me to be reminded of that message of no-fear/you can do it! "

Jackson Hole, WY


"Dear Lori:  On behalf of the people of Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District, it is my honor to extend to you my sincerest best wishes as you prepare to travel to Nepal to climb Mt. Everest.  I recently learned of your plans, as well as your outstanding prior mountain climbing expeditions, and I wanted to personally extend my congratulations (in advance) for this outstanding and amazing achievement.

Lori, through your determination and perseverance, you have motivated others to continue reaching for their dreams.  I am not only impressed and inspired by your goal to climb the "seven summits," but I am also awestruck by your completion of six of those climbs thus far (on six different continents no less).  It is my understanding that your climb of the seventh summit, Mt. Everest, will place you in the company of some of the world's most elite athletes and climbers.  Your dedication makes you a role model to people everywhere, proving that individuals who have been diagnosed with serious medical conditions like Multiple Sclerosis can still achieve (and exceed) their goals.

I want to express my gratitude to you for being an inspiration for countless others to look up to.  I would also like to extend my heartfelt congratulations for this amazing accomplishment.  Please accept my best wishes in this endeavor, and in all of your future endeavors."

Paul Ryan
Wisconsin Sate Congressman

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