Sierra Farris

Country of residence:








Physician Assistant

What is your relationship with your PD walking partner?



Medical provider to Sean Corcoran and Glenn Amdahl

How has a diagnosis of PD affected your relationship with your walking partner?



The diagnoses resulted in clinical relationships with a focus on improving quality of life through medical and alternative therapy such as exercise.

What are your current views/feelings of your PD walking partnerís life with PD?


Life with PD is an adventure much like my adventures as a mountaineer.

What has motivated you to take part in the Kilimanjaro climb and to be a walking partner for people with PD?



My desire to bring awareness to ability instead of disability, to dispel the myths associated with neurological conditions and to empower others to set higher goals than what others believe is possible.

What is your previous experience of hiking/climbing?



Mountaineering for three years and hiking, exercising over a lifetime.

How do you plan to support your PD walker companion during the Kilimanjaro climb?



I want to be there for support and to celebrate the victories each day of taking that next step to reaching the goal. To provide emotional support and encouragement along the way.

What hopes/aspirations do you have before and after the Kilimanjaro climb?


I would like to spread the message of hope to all people living with neurological conditions, especially MS and PD that anything is possible if you set your mind to do it. Even if things are not possible, having someone that believes in you is one of the most important things in life. I also hope to show other medical providers that patients are real people with lives and dreams and not just a disease.