“The U.S. National Multiple Sclerosis Society wants to add our voice to that of the MS communities around the world in congratulating Lori Schneider as the first woman with MS to reach the summit of Mount Everest realizing her dream to stand atop the tallest mountains on each of the seven continents. Lori’s story of persistence, dedication and conquest is an inspiration to all who hear her speak. We all face what appear to be insurmountable challenges - some physical, some financial, some relational and some spiritual – but Lori’s remarkable achievements, and her communication of hope and determination even in the face of despair motivated everyone in the room.”

Joyce Nelson
President & CEO
National MS Society


"On behalf of the people of Wisconsin, I offer my best wishes and good luck as you challenge Mt. Everest, the last of your Seven Summit quest.

Your story is simply amazing and inspirational. Your diagnosis of MS ten years ago would have devastated most people. Instead you made it a strength. The challenge of training for mountain climbing while living in Bayfield did not deter you either. You continually found creative measures to simulate a climb and increase your endurance as part of your training regimen.

You have made the citizens of Wisconsin very proud. We are pulling for you and will follow closely your journey to the top of the world."

Governor Jim Doyle
State of Wisconsin


“Motivational speaker Lori Schneider shared her story of determination and triumph with a crowd of business leaders totaling in the hundreds.
Though stricken with Multiple Sclerosis, Schneider climbed the highest mountain peaks on all seven continents. Business leaders hearing her soft words and triumphant spirit were awed by her courage, and many proclaimed if her words didn't make you want to go out and reach the top, nothing would.”

Rock River Regional Business Expo- sponsored by Dean and St. Mary’s Hospital

“Lori's programs remind us again and again that there is an adventurer in all of us.  Her message is one of hope, joy and inspiration, a call to all to climb your mountains wherever they may be --in a far off land, in your own backyard, or somewhere deep in your soul.  Lori's message is 'Yes, you can!'”

Jeff Rennicke - Award Winning Writer and Teacher
Land ‘O Lakes, WI


“Lori spoke at our national conference for women and girls in independent schools and was a hit with young and old.  Lori’s personal speaking style and stories combined with breathtaking pictures of one of the biggest mountains in the world gave us all much to think about, mainly identifying the mountains in our own lives and getting excited about training for the climb.”

Carol Hotchkiss Eliot - Assistant Head of School for Student Life
Conserve School
Land O’ Lakes, WI



“Fiercely determined, yet humble, relentless, but realistic, a dreamer, a fighter, a conqueror, an inspiration.  These are insights into the soul of Lori Schneider, a truly beautiful and remarkable woman.”

Barbara Brown
Bayfield County Journal
Washburn, WI



"Lori wasn’t just a guest speaker for the second graders at Harrison Elementary, she was a true guide—helping children see above the everyday challenges and launch big dreams. She is the ultimate enabler—in the most positive sense. She is informative, inspiring and engaging. The kids responded with smart questions and good ideas. The empowering ripple effect from Lori’s life and message will go on for generations!”

Norm Bower - Development Director
Davenport Schools Foundation


"Lori, your strength and determination is so admirable.  Your will to overcome physical limitations and endure incredible physical challenges to achieve your dreams is an inspiration, and your journey will touch endless lives. Every step of that incredible trip up that mountain will be shared with countless individuals whose prayers and encouragement will be sent from far away.

The real success in life is when our efforts will benefit people we will never meet but whose lives we will touch. The climbing experience will be both exhausting as well as exhilarating. During those challenging moments I hope you will be energized by the hopes of those who cheer you on and whose lives will be enriched through your courageous efforts. Best wishes."

Bob Jauch
Wisconsin State Senator


"Thank you so very much for your exceptional presentation last night! The energy in the theatre was thick with connection to your work and your life. Thank you for sharing all of that with us!"

Mickey Babcock
Recipient of the 2009 Wyoming Woman of Distinction Award


"From the moment I saw Lori in her 'mountain woman gear' until the last note of music played in her presentation, I was riveted.  I feel beyond inspired…I feel honored to have shared a moment with this extraordinary woman.  There are two kinds of people in this world: heroes and victims…even though she had every right to be a victim, Lori chose to be a hero.  She does not just champion women, or even people over 50, or even just people with MS.  She is a champion of the human spirit.  She helps us catch a glimpse at what we are truly capable if we believe and simply put 'one foot in front of the other'.  Thank you Lori for the many gifts you bring to the world.  I am a better person because I know you."

Hilary Bilbrey
Leadership Trainer, Author
Live Your Brand!

TrademarkU - Leadership through Personal Branding


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